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Testimonials //

Jerry Rakunas
Firerock HOA

A few years ago the Overlook Community Developer turned over the Overlook HOA to the residents. At that time the Overlook HOA operated with a very generic cookie-cutter type website for the Overlook Community, which was seldom utilized by the HOA Members. Soon after the newly created resident HOA Board was established we engaged Starr Websites to enhance the HOA Website and our Member's experience utilizing the website. Through Starr Websites' innovation they transformed the Overlook HOA website into a very practical and extremely user friendly tool for the Overlook Community Members. Harvey Starr's attention to detail and creatively greatly enhanced the experience for the HOA Members, which encourages them to use the website and its various tools, which is extremely beneficial for the Members, the Board and the entire Overlook Community. We are extremely pleased with the results of the Overlook HOA website design and functions along with Starr Websites' expertise, work ethic, open communication and results. Given the Overlook HOA's first-rate experience working with Starr Websites I would highly recommend them to any person, HOA, Company and etc. who is interested in developing/enhancing a website that will be beneficial and useful for all parties.

Robert M. Busch
District Manager
ICR Sanitary District

We have used Starr Websites for nearly 10 years. I am very happy with the website design and with Harvey’s response to and execution of the frequent updates and changes we require. He has been easy to contact, responsive and his service continues to be a good value for the service we receive.

Dawn Luke

FH Hair Studio

Harvey Starr made my life easy! I don’t know a thing about websites and Harvey listened to what I needed and put it together for my salon. He continues to assist when I need help- so glad to have him handling this part of my business.

Janna Dutton
Church Street Station HOA


Harvey Starr of Starr Websites designed and developed a website for our condominium association in Evanston, Illinois.  I strongly recommend Harvey as a website developer and designer: He generates his own design ideas but is very open to change and further development of his ideas; He is open to new and creative ideas for the website in development; He works steadily until the website is finished; and, importantly, he will gently prod you, as the provider of the content for the site, to get him what he needs in order to finish your website.  We are very pleased with our Association’s website..

Sam Weitz
U.S. Homeland Security 


Starr Websites designed and developed my website and has maintained it since 2009. Provided Starr Website with an initial idea, and the outcome and design were exceptional. Highly recommend for their expertise and professionalism. Samuel S Weitz, (retired) Homeland Security Management.

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